Consultations with Dr Ajit are now available 

During a consultation, Dr. Ajit will assess your body type and state of mind (based on the Ayurvedic principles of Sattva, Rajas & Tamas), identify the causative factors responsible for any imbalances (such as lifestyle, diet & environmental factors at work & home) and assess which of the body’s tissues and channels have been affected.

Dr. Ajit is known for his skill in the diagnosis of these problems through pulse diagnosis, tongue examination & iridology (developed by Dr. Ajit, based on Ayurvedic texts).

After this diagnosis, he will structure a six stage program.  The approach taken by Dr. Ajit is widely accepted by his clients as they feel that his focus is to enhance awareness, rather than making them rigidly follow a particular programme.

The program given by Dr. Ajit is normally for one month and clients are advised to come for a follow up consultation after this time. In normal circumstances, 3 to 4 visits are all that are required to achieve the goal of a healthy & well balanced life.

He always says to his clients that to achieve perfect balance one doesn’t need to run away from their present positions and live in a cave in the Himalaya, nor change the colour of their clothes. All that is required is a sincere effort to make simple changes in their lives.

Who will benefit?

• Those who are keen to take control of their health and are ready to make the effort to make changes in their lifestyle & diet. 

• Those who want to treat their health problems in a natural way. 

• Those who suffer from ailments such as hay fever, cancer, arthritis, liver problems, asthma, diabetes, bronchitis, migraine, obesity, high blood pressure, CFS, MS & heart problems. 

• Those with mental ailments such as depression, stress, anxiety & insomnia. 

• Women with problems such as as PMS, dysmenorrhea, irregular periods, infertility issues & menopause. 

• Children with problems such as cough, asthmas & skin rashes to those with ADHD.

Face to Face Consultations

60 minutes

$175.00 NZD
incl. GST

An ideal option for those able to visit
our Auckland based Wellness Centre.

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Video Consultations

60 minutes

$160.00 NZD
incl. GST

An ideal option for those unable to visit our
Wellness Centre, including if you are overseas.

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