Wellness Detox Plan

$550.00 NZD
Approx $355.97 USD

Size: Valid for 6 months

This wellness programme will be tailored to your dosha. Made up of five luxurious treatments, your programme is to be taken regularly.Here are your treatments. (1)Abhyanga Marma Massage -75 min ( 2)Tridosha Massage with extended head massage -70 mins (3 ) Vishuddhi- detoxifying ritual -90 mins ( 4) Moksha massage & herbal steam -90 mins (5 )Shirodhara -60 mins PLUS BONUS : Customised spa Deluxe Facial -30 mins. You choose your plan which fits with your busy schedule- either once a week,fortnight or once a month. Entirely up to you. During your regular wellness programme at Spa Ayurda, our expert therapist will help banlance and restore your whole person. You'll emerge refreshed and vibrant. Normally $720

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