Udwarthanam Massage

$175.00 NZD
Approx $113.26 USD

Size: 90 min

This most sought&nbsp;after treatment is specifically designed for weight loss, cellulite &amp; water retention. It is also good for sluggish lymphatic flow and low immune system strength.<br /> <br /> In this unique&nbsp; Ayurvedic Massage the body is coated with warm medicated oil and then a herbal powder mix is massaged into the body to break up stagnation &amp; stimulate lymphatic flow. <br /> <br /> After this treatment, a herbalised steam massage is given at a specific temperature for a&nbsp; specific time that helps to open the channels and flush the toxins from the body. <br /> <br /> For best results, we recommend at least 6 treatments. <br /> <br /> <strong>Because of the nature of this treatment, you will be offered a shower on its conclusion. <br /> <br /> <br /> </strong>

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