Synchronised Revitalising Massage

$200.00 NZD
Approx $129.89 USD

Size: 90 min

This massage is given by two therapists. They will synchronize their massage strokes, identifying and unblocking the client&rsquo;s marma points, enabling energy to flow around the body in much more rhythmic way. <br /> <br /> This massage helps to flush toxin from the deeper tissues of the body. The experience of this massage leaves the client in a much more revitalized and relaxed condition. <br /> <br /> <strong>Due to the use of oil in this treatment, it is advisable to bring a change of clothes to wear until you can shower. <br /> <br /> The duration of the treatment is 1 hour but we recommend allowing at least 1.5 hour for this blissful treatment so that you can enjoy some calm and quiet moments before you leave.</strong><br />

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