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Panchkarma, meaning five (panch) actions (karma), is a unique treatment to Ayurvedic Medicine and is known as one of the most systematic purification and rejuvenation programmes available. Panchkarma helps to restore the body&rsquo;s intelligence by stabilising the aggravated Doshas &ndash; Vata, Pitta &amp; Kapha.<br /> <br /> According to Ayurveda, the definition of health is not just a body free from disease but a body in perfect balance at all levels &ndash; physical, mental &amp; spiritual. As the principle text of Ayurveda, the Caraka Samhita says:<br /> <br /> <em>Sama dosha, sama agnischa, sama dhatu malaknye, brasan atamaye indryamana, swasthiti madhayta</em><br /> <br /> <div style="text-align: center;">&ldquo;When there is equilibrium in the body&rsquo;s Doshas, when the digestive fire (Agni) is in balance, when the seven bodily tissues (Dhatus) are functioning normally, the waste (mala) is being eliminated efficiently, when there is normal functioning of the five senses and harmony between body, mind &amp; soul, then one can be said to be healthy.&rdquo;<br /> </div> <br /> Panchkarma is only one health treatment that can help us to achieve this state.<br /> <br /> In acute stages of disease, the Panchkarma procedure helps to break down the amalgamation of toxins and removes the aggravated Doshas, which are responsible for all disease. In chronic cases, when toxins have reached the deeper body tissues, Panchkarma is the only health programme available that can systematically &amp; safely remove these deep seated toxins &amp; rejuvenate the body, setting it on the path to health &amp; wellbeing.<br /> <br /> The duration of the Panchkarma treatment is determined by Dr. Ajit after a through body examination &amp; case history and a programme developed that will target the root causes of the patient&rsquo;s condition.<br /> <br /> <strong>Three Stages of Panchkarma</strong><br /> <br /> Pooravkarma (Pre-Operative) - In this procedure the body is prepared so toxins can be safely dislodged from the tissues. These toxins collect at various sites in the digestive system.<br /> <br /> Pradhankarma (Main Action) &ndash; The toxins that have been dislodged from the tissues are eliminated from the body.<br /> <br /> Paschatkarma (Post-Operative) &ndash; This is the most important component of the treatment, nourishing the depleted tissues and preventing the build up of further toxins by changes to lifestyle &amp; diet.<br /> <br /> <strong>Pooravkarma</strong><br /> <br /> Pre-Operative treatments take two forms &ndash; Oleation (Snehana) &amp; Herbalised Steam (Swedana)<br /> <br /> Snehana &ndash; Internal &amp; External<br /> <br /> Internal &ndash; Decoctions of medicated Ghee are consumed to prepare &amp; protect the body&rsquo;s tissues. They are prepared according to the nature &amp; severity of the condition.<br /> <br /> External &ndash; Daily synchronised massage from two trained Ayurvedic therapist&rsquo;s is performed using specially medicated massage oils. The procedure softens the toxins deposited in the body, lubricates the joints, improves lympathatic flow &amp; helps alleviate aggravations of the Vata Dosha (the prime dosha in the body &amp; the first to become unbalanced). Duration of treatment is 60-90 minutes, depending on the client&rsquo;s need<br /> <br /> Swedana &ndash; After external oleation, a herbalised steam treatment is performed on the body, the time &amp; temperature determined by the nature &amp; severity of the condition. The treatment loosens the sticky toxins that adhere in the body and opens the body&rsquo;s channels, which allows the oil to penetrate deeper in to the body &amp; to carry the dislodged toxins back into the digestive tract.<br /> <br /> <strong>Ancillary therapies</strong><br /> <br /> At Planet Ayurveda we also include the following traditional Ayurvedic therapies as part of the Pre-Operative programme<br /> <br /> <ul> <li>Shirodhara &ndash; This is an important part of Planet Ayurveda&rsquo;s Panchkarma treatment programme. A steady stream of warm medicated oil is applied to the forehead to help pacify Prana Vata &amp; Sadhaka Pitta to relieve symptoms of anxiety, stress &amp; depression.<span style="color: #c00000;"></span> </li> </ul> <ul> <li>Karna Purna &ndash; Application of warm medicated sesame oil to the ear canal to help calm the nervous system. </li> </ul> <ul> <li>Akshi Tarpana &ndash; Application of medicated Ghee to the eyes to protect them from degeneration due to ageing process and to improve the eyesight. </li> </ul> <ul> <li>Yoga &amp; Pranayam &ndash; Yoga postures &amp; breathing techniques are taught to strengthen and balance the body and mind </li> </ul> <ul> <li>Clinical Meditation &ndash; Meditation practices are taught to calm &amp; focus the mind </li> </ul> <ul> <li>Ayurvedic Emotional Healing Programme &ndash; A unique &amp; systematic approach to dealing with suppressed emotions to bring about healing. </li> </ul> <br /> <strong>Pradhankarma</strong><br /> <br /> Once the toxins are dislodged from the body tissues, they collect in various sites within the body. Four types of treatments are available to expel them:<br /> <br /> <ul> <li>Vamana (Therapeutic Vomiting) &ndash; Used to expel aggravated Kapha toxins, which collect in the upper respiratory tract. However, as many people have difficulty in completing this treatment, it is not generally included in the programme at Planet Ayurveda. </li> </ul> <ul> <li>Virchana (Therapeutic Purgation) &ndash; Used to expel aggravated Pitta toxins, which collect in the stomach &amp; small intestine. A mild purgative is administered to gently expel these toxins through the bowel. </li> </ul> <ul> <li>Basti (Therapeutic Enema) &ndash; Used to expel aggravated Vata toxins, which collect in the large intestine &amp; colon. Enemas take two forms &ndash; </li> </ul> <blockquote> <ul> <li>Nirhua &ndash;&nbsp; A cleansing herbal decocted enema that gently collects the aggravated toxins so they can be expelled from the colon </li> </ul> </blockquote><blockquote> <ul> <li>Anuvasana &ndash; A nourishing medicated oil enema administrated to rejuvenate the depleted tissues in the body </li> </ul> </blockquote> <ul> <li>Nasaya (Therapeutic nasal drops) &ndash; Used to expel Vata, Pitta &amp; Kapha toxins. Warm medicated oil is applied to the nasal cavity, followed by warm compresses &amp; massage. </li> </ul> <br /> <strong>Paschatkarma</strong><br /> <br /> This is the most important component of the treatment, nourishing the depleted tissues and preventing the build up of further toxins by changes to lifestyle &amp; diet. It involves restoration of strong digestive enzymes and rejuvenation of tissues. The aim is to establish increased energy level, strengthen the immune system, and increase longevity. <br /> <br /> After Panchkarma the patient loses some weight and the digestive power becomes feeble so a special diet and life style is followed for about two weeks. This therapy brings back the digestive power by starting with bland foods and gradually moving towards a heavy diet. The regime can be followed by the patient at home.<br /> <br /> Who will benefit from Panchkarma?<br /> <ul> <li>Individuals that are keen to achieve optimum balance in their lives </li> </ul> <ul> <li>Those who are committed&nbsp; to their wellbeing &amp; value a life free from ailments </li> </ul> <ul> <li>Those who have serious ailments such as Diabetes, Asthma, Osteo-Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Liver disorders, Skin disorders &amp; Obesity </li> </ul> <ul> <li>Those who suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis &amp; Fibromyalgia </li> </ul> <ul> <li>Mental ailments such as Anxiety, Depression, Manic Depression &amp; Insomnia </li> </ul> <ul> <li>Women who are approaching Menopause or have post-menopausal symptoms </li> </ul> <ul> <li>Those suffering from fatigue &amp; tiredness </li> </ul> <p><strong>Cost:<br /> <br /> 1 day - $375.00<br /> 3 days - $1,125.00<br /> 7 days - $2,550.00<br /> 10 days - $3,600.00<br /> 14 days - $5,050.00</strong></p>

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