Introductory Balance Programme + Gift

$199.00 NZD
Approx $129.24 USD


Our Balance skincare programme will leave your skin feeling refined and repaired while enhancing your natural beauty from within. Cucumber and basil facial cleanser gently removes impurities whilst cooling the skin. Blackberry astringent lotion soothes inflammation and helps absorption. Almond and saffron softens skin. Magic touch is a skin beautifying formula to gently rebuild the skins inner strength and may be used as a spot cream or treatment at night to calm and clear skin of blemishes. The key ingredients in the Pitta skin care work directly on the skin's core temperature to soothe and calm the skin. Cleanse + tone+ moisturise + repair = Healthy, clear, radiant skin. In addition to our skincare regime our Balance programme includes your personal guide to using the Balance programme along with your Ayurda wellbeing guide to keep Pitta in balance.

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