Blackberry Astringent

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Now called Purifying Toner with Blackberry and Amalaki, follow the link to order.

From acne to oily or uneven skin, this Blackberry and Lotus Purifying Toner is an elegant synergy of vitamins, astringents, and Ayurvedic essentials.

This toner harnesses the cleansing properties of fruit including Jamun, an Indian blackberry that’s packed with Vitamin C to cleanse the pores and treat infections. What’s more, Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry, adds numerous nutrients and antioxidants, leaving your skin with a gorgeous natural glow.

  • An astringent toner that can transform your oily skin
  • Includes piper longam to slow the signs of aging
  • Release impurities from your skin with lodhra bark
  • The ideal Ayurvedic treatment for sensitive, oily, or pimpled skin
  • Responsibly formulated - as kind to the environment as it is on your skin

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