90-day Vata Nourish Programme

$314.95 NZD
Approx $226.01 USD


The key ingredients in the Vata skin care system effectively renew and rejuvenate your skin from the inside out.

Includes 5 premium full size products, all customized for your skin's optimal needs: 

- 125 ml Hingot cleanser, provides hydration whilst cleansing deep down. 

- 125 ml Rose and Basil toner, will provide balance whilst the aroma will help to calm nerves.

-125 ml Dew Drops, replenishes lost moisture.

- 65 gm Skin Rejuvenator, provides nourishment and can be used day or night. By helping to improve circulation and hydration.

- Sparkle eye cream, moisturises the eye area with cooling rose and Red Sandalwood to add sparkle. 

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