90-day Kapha Energise Programme

$314.95 NZD
Approx $226.01 USD

Size: 2x125ml, 2x65g, 1x15g

The key ingredients in Kapha skin care will help to remove the impurities from the skin and will leave your skin refreshed, energized and glowing.

Includes 5 premium full size products, all customized for your skin's optimal needs:

125ml Hingot Cleanser
provides hydration whilst cleansing deep down.

125ml Almond & Saffron moisturizer
helps to balance moisture levels providing a light coverage that is refreshing.

65g Invigorating scrub
tones and smoothes the skin, while helping to gently sweep away dead skin cells and revitalise the skin.

65g Silk cream
helps to smooth and firm the skin

15g Sparkle eye cream
moisturises the eye area with cooling rose and Red to add sparkle.

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