90-day Kapha Energise Programme

$274.85 NZD
Approx $177.89 USD

Size: 3x125ml, 1x65g


RRP NZD$274.85

The key ingredients in Kapha skin care will help to remove the impurities from the skin and will leave your skin refreshed, energized and glowing. Includes 4 premium full size products, all customized for your skin's optimal needs:

125ml Hingot Cleanser
provides hydration whilst cleansing deep down.

125ml Rose and Basil Toner
Refresh and hydrate your skin with the powerful combination of rose and basil.

125ml Almond and Saffron Moisturiser
helps to balance moisture levels providing a light coverage that is refreshing.

65g Silk
helps to smooth and hydrate the skin.

"Ayurda makes so much sense to me; finally I have found the skincare suits me. I love the earthy aromas of Ayurda, they make me feel as though I am really feeding my skin."
Kathy Sloan - New Mum, Victoria

"This is a great product. I definitely see an overall improvement in my skin. I am 52 years old and people have been complimenting me lately saying that I look younger."
Lisa McMillan - Mother of four, Sydney, Australia

"I am 46 years old and was beginning to see signs of aging in my face. I began using The Ayurda energise programme about 6 months ago and am surprised at the results, I really do feel wonderful."
Kerry Burns - Admin Assistant, NSW 

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