Greetings from Ayurda!

Last week, your Ayurda Skin Quiz Results showed that you have a Kapha skin type. 

Understanding your skin type is the first (and the most crucial!) step when you are embarking on a skin care routine. Look at it this way - There is skin that is well cared for with products that are best suited to YOU and well, one that isn’t. No prizes for guessing which one looks and feels healthier! At Ayurda, we pride ourselves in customising products that are best for you.

We have it sorted for you

You don’t need to worry about picking the right skincare programme - we’ve done it for you! 

The Ayurda Energize Program is formulated specially for your skin type. Being Kapha , your skin needs an extra dose of nourishment to make it radiant and healthy; that’s exactly what these hand picked products deliver.

Packed with unique herbs, the Ayurda Energise Program works miracles to renew, repair and refresh your unique skin, from within.


"I love the earth ingredients, the aromas and the philosophy behind Ayurda.  It’s a 
product designed
for me as an individual.”  

-Julie L. Mother, Wife and School Teacher

Ayurda tip for you
Develop and maintain a
regular routine! Not only
will  it help you reduce stress
and anxiety but you’ll realise 
you feel more calm and


We want to make it easy for you!

Still not sure about switching over to Ayurda?  Let’s take it one step at a time. 
Your 21 day Balance programme is designed to let you experience Ayurda without any hassle. What it gives you is 3 complete weeks to let Ayurda speak for itself and for you to see and feel the difference in your skin before you decide to make a complete switch.  

That’s not all - your customised skin care package also comes with your own “Guide to Wellbeing” with tips and secrets to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Oh and did we mention that we’re giving you $100 off?.  


Use promo-code "beautifulyou"


A saving of $100. Now that's a great deal isn't it?

"I love using Ayurda, it really resonates with my values. It’s all natural and earth friendly. After using this range I feel fresh and my skin glows with health. My friends have all commented on my skin of late, which makes me feel good."
~ Kelly B. Art Student, Victoria

Try us and let Ayurda transform your skin!
And remember, if you have any questions, we are just a phone call away!

Give us a call on (09) 360 0007, and speak with our friendly staff today!


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