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Your skin-quiz results show that you have a Kapha predominant skin type. Wondering what that means? Don’t worry - we’ve got you covered!

Being a Kapha, you are governed by the element of EARTH! Chances are that your radiant, soft skin may sometimes struggle with sluggishness and dullness. You may be slightly worried about those enlarged pores that have just started to appear or those whiteheads and uneven skin tone you’d love to say goodbye to!

Surprised how we got that right? Well, not only do we understand the struggle - but our team of experts have developed a natural, organic and chemical free solution to it! All we ask for is 10 mins of your time twice a day - and let the Ayurda magic begin!

Within 7 days of starting Ayurda you’ll say goodbye to dryness and hello to the most soft, radiant looking skin - the kind that often draws second glances on the streets!



Strength and stamina are characteristic of your nature. You tend to be naturally calm, thoughtful and loving. Generally speaking, you are blessed with the most beautiful skin. You sleep soundly and have regular digestion. As long as Kapha is in balance, you will be strong, loyal, patient, steady and supportive, with a strong, healthy body and radiant skin..


Learn about the play
of the three doshas -
VATA, PITTA and KAPHA, and how they affect you!


Excited to begin your journey?   We know exactly what you need! 




The Ayurda Energise Programme is the one made just for you.
Why you may ask?

We’ve hand-picked four of our best products to boost hydration, delay the signs of ageing and leave you with plum radiant skin! These products are made with potent tried and tested recipes formulated with a unique combination of herbs with the intelligence that works on a deep cellular level - because we don’t believe in just masking the problem, we want you to have an everlasting solution! 


Ayurda Energise Program includes absolutely
everything your skin needs! A few days of the

 Ayurda routine and we  promise you, you’ll not

only see the difference but also feel it!

So what's in your programme?

Hingot Cleanser
- hydrates and energizes your skin


Rose and Basil Toner

- balances and invigorates the skin 

Almond and Saffron Moisturiser
- balances moisture & keeps skin


- a cream that energises while smoothing and firming the skin

“This is a wonderful product.. Doesn’t use invasive techniques to get results. The products are naturally fragrant and they work. My skin is glowing and radiant with health and vitality that only such a natural skin care like Ayurda can produce.”

- Anne H
Mother and Careers Expert


So why is Ayurda different from your regular skincare brands?


Well, it’s all in the Ayurda philosophy. Remember how mum always encouraged

healthy eating for healthy living?  That’s exactly the way we look at skincare -

to get healthy flawless skin, you need to feed your skin with the right nutrients -

that is exactly what Ayurda products do for you!


Our products are a 100% natural and environment friendly made with hand-picked vegetarian, wildcrafted and organic ingredients sourced and manufactured using nothing but the absolute best Mother Nature has to offer!

But don’t just take our word for it - try our products out yourself!


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 We know that switching to a new skincare philosophy can be quite a big step.

To make your transition to healthier skin easier, we have designed a special
offer for you!  
We want you to experience Ayurda over the next 3 weeks,

and then decide if you want to take the big leap.


Buy your complete skin care programme and receive $100 off today!

“I have always suffered from dry skin, thanks to my Energise program I now feel hydrated and even my beauty therapist has asked what I am doing to make
my skin so good. Thanks Ayurda I am so glad I found you.”

~ Megan Sutherby - Mother of three

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Holistic wellbeing can
be achieved when all three

doshas are working in balance

"Life is not merely
to be alive,
but to be well"

~Marcus Valerius Martial


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