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Did you know that constant stress and lack of sleep can make your skin age nearly twice as fast? And don’t we all plead guilty of it all the time! So if you are feeling bogged down, we think it’s time to hit pause, take a deep breath and make some time to Balance yourself and replenish your glow.

Let;s start with the basics

Eat right. Sleep well. Relax. And Repeat- because no external care can work completely unless your internal balance is just right. 

Once you get a hang of it, it’s time to move to the next step- finding the right skincare program. Fortunately for you, we’ve made that part easier!

As you will recall, you have a Pitta dominant skin type, which means you need to provide your skin some extra love and Balancement! And that’s why Ayurda Balance Program is the perfect match for you - it’s a rich blend of herbs that work on a deep cellular level to make your skin look and feel radiant like never before.

Ayurda Wellness Recipe

Hydrating face and body scrub.


• 5 tablespoons of raw sugar 
• Raw honey to pour 
• 1 tablespoon coconut oil 
• Few lemon drops

Mix all ingredients well to form a paste. Use this scrub on your face or all over the body to Balance and polish the skin

“Eat well, move daily,
hydrate often, sleep lots,
love your body, 
repeat for life.”


And it gets really easy from here

 Our 21 Day program is designed for you to experience the change in your skin, before you make a long commitment. And because we truly want you to experience the Ayurda Wellness, we are offering you a saving of $100 on your purchase. 


Use promo-code "beautifulyou"



Want to know more about 
how we can help you feel good, 
age well and live better?
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“Good skin care is a discipline. 
I know switching to a new skin care is a well thought decision. And we at Ayurda want to help make this decision easier for you by offering 

you a saving of $100 as your 

welcome to our Ayurda family.”

- Rippan Sandhu - Founder, Ayurda



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