Your Skin Type Is Unique

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Healthy glowing skin is a natural condition when mind and body are in balance. The formula to achieve this balance is different for each person. As a result there is not a single cream, fitness programme, diet or natural remedy that can work for everyone.

Our customised skincare approach is based on our understanding of your unique genetic code. This is two fold:

First, Prakruti- this is the skin type you were born with or in other words, your genetic blueprint and remains a fixed reality.

Second, Vakruti- this is the current condition of your skin or imbalance. This is determined by the changes in environment, age, emotions, stress, diet, lack of exercise and sleep and the work we do that affects our constitution.

When we live in accordance with prakruti, or basic body-mind constitution, then a natural healthy youthfulness is maintained throughout life. Ayurda is the first skin care company to offer healthy skin care programmes that teach you how to do this.


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