Winter Wellness with Dr Ajit

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Australasia’s most experienced Ayurvedic doctor shares his tips for boosting immunity during the winter season.

Is your lifestyle impacting your immunity? Late nights, irregular meal times, overworking and low activity all expose the body to extra stress and fatigue which can diminish your natural reserves of well-being and resilience. Shift workers are at particular risk with their irregular sleep schedules, and day time sleeping which can affect the digestion and upset the body’s natural rhythm leading to compromised immunity.

To counteract the negative effects of a busy lifestyle, it is important to follow an Ayurvedic daily routine of massage to keep the digestive system and other bodily rhythms working smoothly, thus keeping immunity high.

  • Avoid Consumption of junk foods, too many sweets and stay away from cold and refrigerated foods like ice creams and milk shakes as they aggravate vata.

  • Soak almonds overnight and peel the skin in the morning. Eating them this will give your skin lipid support from within.

  • Drink a cup of warm milk laced with 1/4 teaspoon of ghee and cinnamon at bedtime for a daily boost of lipid support

  • Winter is a more house-bound season, when nature is at rest. You can take advantage of this natural tendency during winter by giving the mind and body extra nourishment by eating warm and seasonal foods.

Here's to beautiful glowing skin - naturally!


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