Ayurvedic skincare for Autumn

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Has your skin suddenly started feeling a little dry, tight, and flaky this month? Blame it on the changing season. While winter maybe a month or two away, temperatures are already starting to drop and there’s a slight nip in the air. These weather changes effectively start showing up on our skin if we don’t tweak our skincare routine in time. Ayurveda considers a seasonal change in our routine an important way to main ..

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Ayurveda-inspired wellness ideas for the busy modern woman

Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Between hectic work schedules, home, and busy social life, women in our generation are often left with little to no time to spare. But ladies, let’s take a moment to pause, shall we? Self-care may be all the rage these days but we know how hard it is to squeeze in time for an elaborate spa therapy or a luxuriant, hour-long bath (not that we wouldn’t love any of those!). Amidst the chaos of our active lifestyle, how about we dedica ..

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