Ayurveda and anti-ageing

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ayurda is first skincare company that connect beauty to well-being and beautiful skin is simply a reflection of your state of being well, in other words- it sees the skin to be the mirror of our internal balance or imbalance.

The mind body connection in aging has been confirmed by western science. How you think and feel has a direct impact on the body’s immune response. Scientific research has highlighted that stress causes imbalance and all imbalances eventually linked directly to accelerated aging , premature wrinkles, pimple, acne, hair loss, etc.

According to Ayurveda the skin is not an isolated part of the body. The skin is widely connected - intellectually, physically, sensually and spiritually. Our skin naturally reflects changes in every system of the body and affects them as well. It’s our largest organ and is regarded as a second brain for the body. So, when we’re talking about anti-ageing, we have to address all of these aspects. It should not be an isolated or partial approach. It should be a holistic approach.

The traditional Ayurvedic beauty principle states that nothing should be applied to the skin if it cannot be taken internally. For thousands of years Ayurveda has taught that the skin can absorb nutrients that will affect our body on a cellular level. 


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