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Notes:  External Ads and marketing collaterals will provide a link to this page. This page will show welcome text and a form to submit to commence the quiz. 

Tracking code will be included here. The form on the right contains a hidden username field that is auto-populated with the email address entered.
Submitting the form captures the visitors details into the website CRM and automatically redirects to a page inside the members area containing a replica of the skin-type quiz.

Being inside a members area means all actions can be recorded plus visitor data can be output using tags for any internal or external purpose. This method will be used to carry the visitors details to the infusionsoft form at the end of the quiz. Any information required only needs to be typed once and can be used for multiple purposes.  

The end result is a simple end-to-end user experience capturing data into AdobeBC for workflow management, sample fulfilment and conversion monitoring plus all data into Infusionsoft for ongoing targeted campaigns,


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